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Treatment is Not a One Size Fits All Approach

When working with clients it is important to understand that each client is unique. Each client has their own story and their own journey that has brought them to this point in their life. On this journey, they have developed a sense of identity that is compromised of many things.

However, we can often wonder, what is identity?

Identity is defined as characteristics that determine who a person is. It can be physical characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, and race. It can also be personality characteristics including being introverted/extraverted, serious/laid back, and conscientiousness/spontaneous. Identity can also include things we like/dislike, the career we have, our relationship status, and much more.

Given that identity is made up of many things counseling should be too.

That's why at my practice we do not use a one size fits all approach. We have a combination of methods that target the varying needs of a person.

These methods allow a person to heal on a deeper level because they let a person understand themselves and help them in their journey to healing.

Approaches used at my site can include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Objection Relations Therapy

  • Family Systems

  • Person-Centered Therapy

  • Gestalt Therapy

  • Spiritual Psychology

  • Reality Therapy

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Psychosynthesis

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

By having several approaches and methods to use my site can ensure the best care for our clients.

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