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The Importance of Self-Forgiveness

When we make mistakes or do something that goes against our values we can be left feeling pain, shame, and guilt. The importance of moving past these emotions comes from more than just talking through the problem. Although talking can help us at the moment and relieve stress it does not necessarily take away the hurt. So what can we do?

We can dig deeper into these feelings and understand why they occur. When we take the time to understand why the emotion is occurring we can apply love to hurt and heal. There is a lot of methods that allow us to reach this point including using counseling techniques such as Gestalt, Free Form Writing, and looking at the varying aspects of our personality.

Failure to use self-forgiveness create self-defeating cycles in both behaviors and actions moving us further and further away from our goals. No one wants or deserves to be unhappy and feel stuck.

With self-forgiveness we look at the limiting beliefs, judgments and projections address each of them with reframing techniques that let us view our problems in a more positive light. By doing so we can move away from the pain, shame, and guilt towards a brighter and lighter future.

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