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Opioid Treatment

Breakthrough Treatment for People Suffering from Addiction

  • 1 hour
  • Price Varies
  • 13322 Hwy 99 S. Suit 102 Everett, WA 98204

Service Description

Opioid Treatment using an Alternative approach to the 12 Steps is unique in the Northwest. Opioid abuse has become an absolute epidemic in the United States. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Opioid Addiction 2016 Facts & Figures report states that in 2012, over 250 million prescriptions were written for opioids in the US. That’s enough to give every adult in the country a bottle of painkillers. Opioid painkillers including OxyContin (oxycodone), Vicodin (hydrocodone), morphine, and fentanyl can be highly addictive. According to that same ASAM study, in 2014 there were 21.5 million Americans 12 years old or older with a substance use disorder, and 1.9 million Americans had a substance use disorder involving prescription opioids. Too often, opioid abuse leads to a lethal overdose. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2013 alone over 16,000 Americans died of an overdose related to opioid painkillers. To put that figure into perspective, this translates to over 40 Americans dying from an opioid overdose every day. And this problem is far from isolated to the US – according to the World Health Organization, about 69,000 people die from prescription opioid overdose worldwide every year. Learn to get to the root of the problem, find your inner strength, and compassion for yourself. I help you get through it with no guilt or shaming tactics. Alternative 12 Step Rehab… Only 10-percent of all treatment centers offer “alternative 12 steps” programs that are based on scientific evidence of the most effective recovery therapies. Our alternative 12 step program offers the latest treatment for all types of drug & alcohol addiction, including dual diagnosis. I provide a comfortable and welcome setting for anyone in need of a 12-step alternative. In treating any addictive habit, it is important to understand that there has been a particular purpose for us using the behavior. What is the overall benefit of the addiction and can we find an alternative that is more beneficial? NeuroLinguistic Inner Aspect work is a great approach to change our innate habits so we can change from habitually turning to an external substance for relief to a healthy one.

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Taking Flight Mental Health, Highway 99, Everett, WA, USA

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